Advantages of Containers

Resources about the advantages of containers for developers and ops, including immutability, utilization, portability, performance and scalability.
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  • Container ImmutabilityThe principle of container immutability regards an image unchangeable once it is built, and requires creating a new image if changes need to be made. This page gathers resources about the container immutability principle, its benefits and implications.
  • Container Resource UtilizationContainer resource utilization refers to the process of making the most of the computing resources like CPU and memory, available in order to achieve the best container performance. This page gathers resources about how to manage resources to get the optimal container performance.
  • Container PortabilityContainer portability means the ability to move an application, in other words, port it from one host environment to another. The new host environment could be a different kind of operating system, different version of the same operating system or a different type of hardware platform. This page gathers resources about the benefits of container portability.
  • Container PerformanceContainer performance refers to speed-related factors such as container startup time, resource distribution, and redundancy (duplication of components), and how these affect the software delivery pipeline. This page gathers resources about container performance, including best practices, performance analysis, and academic papers.
  • Container ScalabilityContainer scalability is the trait where a container application can handle increased loads of work. This can be achieved by reconfiguring the existing architecture of a single machine to increase available resources or by provisioning additional containers within a cluster of distributed machines. This page gathers resources about how to orchestrate container applications for high scalability.
  • Container Operating CostsContainer's benefits are not just technical. Containers can also reduce costs - which is the big reason why companies are now adopting them. This page gathers resources about container operating costs and their influence on overall system costs.
  • Containers as a ServiceContainer as a Service (CaaS) is a business model whereby cloud computing service providers offer container-based virtualization services as a scalable online service. This allows users to use container services without having the necessary infrastructure. This Page gathers resources about the popularity and the advantages of CaaS.

Get updates on container technology
Get updates on container technology
Get updates on container technology

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