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About this Site

This website brings together thousands of online resources about container technology. Containers are nothing new: as early as 1982 Unix administrators could launch isolated processes, similar to today's containers, using the chroot command. The first modern container was probably Linux-VServer released in 2001. Containers matured considerably in the 12 years that followed, until the rise of Docker which finally took containers to the mainstream. Today cloud computing, deployment, DevOps and agile development are almost synonymous with containers. So much has been written on this complex subject, and few have attempted to organize this corpus into a meaningful format.

At Aqua Security, a pioneer in container security, we took upon ourselves to fill this gap and collect the most important writings about container technology - from conceptual articles and best practices to vendor information and how to guides - to help the growing community make sense of the space. The end result will include over 200 sub-topics around containers, container platforms, container orchestration and more. With a special focus on Docker and Kubernetes Guide which are becoming ubiquitous in modern container setups.

Key Topics

Container Basics

What are containers and what are they used for? 

Container Platforms

What do containers run on?

  • On the cloud - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • On container-specific OSs - ContainerLinux (CoreOS), OSv, RedHat Atomic, and more
  • On VMs - VirtualBox, VMware, XenServer
  • How containers interact with host systems - disk management, networking, memory management, OS kernel

Docker Containers (and Other Container Engines)

What is Docker?

Kubernetes Guide (and Other Orchestrators)

What is Kubernetes?

  • Kubernetes architecture - nodes, pods, registry, CRI, workloads, services, and more
  • Kubernetes as a Service - Google Container Engine, Azure Container Service, and more
  • Kubernetes on the Cloud - running K8 on GCE, AWS EC2, Azure, IBM Bluemix, and more
  • Kubernetes Operations - managing app data, configuration, monitoring, load balancing, and more
  • Kubernetes Cluster - cluster admin, daemons, networking, logging architecture, proxies, and more
  • Other container orchestrators - OpenShift, Mesos, Mesosphere DC/OS

Containers Ops

Common considerations in container operations: security, capacity, mixed workloads, deployment, monitoring, automation, and more.

Container Security

Container security best practices, threats, and mitigation methods - vuln scanning, secrets managements, network segmentation, least privileges, and more.

Container Community and Events

Container conferences, websites, standards and organizations including the OCI, RunC and CNCF.

Get updates on container technology
Get updates on container technology
Get updates on container technology

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